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Wang Dan

Senior Web & Mobile Developer (Looking for a new opportunity)

About Me

Are you looking for a reliable and talented developer?

My name is Dan Wang and I am a Senior Full Stack Developer who has over 9 years of development experience. Here are my skill sets.
My name is Wang Dan, a professional Web/Mobile developer with 9 years' experience and good reputations.
Here are my skillsets.

- Mobile Development Native(iOS/Android): Swift, Obj-C, Java, Kotlin
- Mobile Development Hybrid(iOS/Android): React Native, IONIC
- Web Frontend: Angular, React, Vue
- Web Backend: Python/Django, Python/Flask, NodeJS, Laravel, ASP.Net, CorePHP

I’ve worked with a number of teams and clients ranging from early startups to corporate teams and individual business owners.
Not only do I specialize in both front end and back end code, I have a background in project management which enables me to have strong organizational, agile/scrum planning and delegation skills.
I am passionate about keeping my code clean, organized and scalable.
I’ve loved working with my past clients and team-members on high impact projects and now I am ready to take my skills to the next venture.
If you are working on a high potential idea or in need of a solid remote developer or project manager please feel free to reach out to me.
Together we can build the future and make your project a reality!

Please contact me.
Kind Regards.
Thank you

Big Projects

project name

Business Friend

Businessfriend is an all-in-one communication platform that allows you to talk, chat & collaborate with people anywhere in the world. It’s messenger platform allows you to connect the dots with your workflow with such features as simple and secure messaging, along with free audio and video calls. It’s cloud platform allows you to collaborate between conversation & cloud, store files, photos and notes and effortlessly share with your colleagues & friends. In addition, Businessfriend even has its own interactive news platform that allows you to stay up-to-date with the content that matters to you.

Also available on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store

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VPN Buddy

VPN Buddy is your go-to app whenever you need a blazing fast & reliable VPN connection.
It’s just like your best & most loyal friend, or a bellowed partner, as with a tap of a button, it encrypts your connection so that hackers, crackers or admins cannot track or spy on your activities online. ​


Using a vast network of encrypted servers across the globe, VPN Buddy secures your connection with 400+ ultra-secure servers which are placed in 70+ locations. This means that you basically have endless options of VPN proxies to connect.

Also available on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store

project name

Top Ten Percent

Buy From The Best For Less! Turn your smartphone into your instant negotiator by getting exclusive "Member" pricing and discounts, that TTP has already negotiated for you, from the top rated businesses in your area.

With the 100% Free Top Ten Percent mobile app and a Free TTP Consumer Membership, you can use your smartphone to redeem savings any time, any day and at any TTP Award Winning business. No advanced purchase commitment needed like some deal of the day sites. It's easy, convenient and there's no risk!

Also available on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store

Work Experience

Web & Mobile Developer - millermedia7 (Aug 2018 - Sep 2019)

Delivered Augmented Reality Solutions.

Lead Mobile and Web Developer Exantra Team (Oct 2018 - Aug 2019)

Worked as a team manager on the core project.

Lead Developer at BH Development Team - Freelancer.com (Jul 2017 - Sep 2018)

BH Team is a Freelancing Development team with high reputation. We have delivered many solutions to businesses. Our first goal is client's satisfaction. Once you start work with me, you have no need to find a technical partner at all. I will be the one.

Project Manager - IQRoot Technologies (Apr 2016 - Nov 2017)

- Responsibility Developed Chatting/Video Call/ScreenShare apps with WebRTC/XMPP Combination.

Senior Web Developer - AJQ Consulting Group (Jun 2015 - Apr 2016)

- Responsibility Delivered Timecapture website.

Web Developer - Solu Technology (May 2013 - Mar 2014)

Worked as a web developer on client projects.